WaterMyBlog.com Review

WaterMyBlog.com Review

WaterMyBlog.com is one of the content writing services that are available on line. They consist of a small group of entrepreneurs, advertising executives, SEO consultants and copywriters. They have all joined together and combined their industry knowledge and experience to start WaterMyBlog.com, an SEO blog writing service for young start-ups and small businesses.

They understand what it takes to start a business and understand that in order to be successful you must wear many hats. They even understand that when you are first starting out you are very likely your company’s marketing guru, the entire sales team, the receptionist, the janitor, and the president all at once. It takes an enormous effort to start a company and often important things such as your company website gets pushed too the back burner.

In today’s rapidly evolving economy, e-commerce is king and if your website isn’t easily accessible you may fall behind your competitors. So, WaterMyBlog.com steps in to be able to support and grow your blog to increase your websites relevance and in turn to make your business a success.

Water My Blog dot com Customers

Water My Blog dot com caters to start-ups and small businesses. Their customers primarily consist of people who are just getting a business up and started and need someone to give them the push they need when it comes to their blog or website.

Water My Blog Pricing Plans

You can find the different blog pricing plans and categories that Water My Blog has to offer below. They also do not mention anything about having any type of Water My Blog discount available for their customers:

  • Seedling 4 Posts $60 a monthSeedling Boost 4 Posts – $110
  • Nursery 8 Posts – $105 a monthNursery Boost 8 Posts – $190 a month
  • Garden 12 Posts – $150 a monthGarden Boost 12 Posts – $270
  • Greenhouse 16 Posts – $195 a month
  • Greenhouse Boost 16 Posts – $350 a month.

WaterMyBlog.com Reviews Found

Currently, there are no WaterMyBlog.com reviews that could be found on the web or any active social media accounts. So, there is no way to verify whether or not any WaterMyBlog.com scam or WaterMyBlog.com fraud is taking place within this content service.